Artist Statement

Old Fort Parker
Old Fort Parker

Is anything ever the same after it has been broken? Not just physically or financially broken, but emotionally and spiritually wounded. These hybrid forms, based on used and antique furniture explore the idea of attaining normalcy after damage, as well as exploring the evolution of identity with age. Used furniture is a natural choice because of its relationship to the human form (chairs have legs, backs, arms and seats), but it is not the physical relationship with furniture that I find so appealing. For me, weathered furniture is an elegant metaphor for the human condition. Over time, a chair shows its age (scratches, dents, patinas, repairs) and starts to creak and groan with fatigue. With age and repetition, chairs assume the identity of their use – the old rocking chair in the corner, the dusty dining room chair or the weathered patio chair. When cutting and grafting parts of furniture together, words like solitude, family and healing come to mind. The result is hybrid furniture that aspires to be that younger version of itself while proudly wearing the scars of a life lived.

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